Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Healing Hand Update.

Well, it has been an interesting week for sure.  Doing things with my left hand only...sometimes with funny results and other times with frustration.  I have a new appreciation for people who only have one hand to work with all the time.  My son left on Monday morning for a few days and it has been challenging to say the least.  I will be happy when he returns!

One of my daughters picked me up yesterday, as I am still not driving, and we went to watch my little 5-month old granddaughter at her swimming class.  We surprised my other daughter with lunch and a great visit.  It was so much fun to watch Claire play, coo and not make strange with us.  Such blessings I am so grateful for.

I have done a little scrapbooking, however some of the movements are a bit painful and I am reminded quickly.  So, I have watched a lot of movies on Netflix, TV programs and finished a book, "The Help".   I am now working on some Christmas gifts.  I finished the 400 cards I was making the day before the surgery.

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